Proposed Specialty Postdoctoral Residency Competencies

The specialty specific postdoctoral residency competency documents for the 10 specialties below were submitted to the APA Commission on Accreditation (CoA) by CoS as products of a project to assist the CoA in identifying the competencies that will populate Level 3 (specialty competencies described in the Standards of Accreditation) for all CoA-recognized specialties.  The residency competencies and their essential elements developed by each specialty found in this section are proposed but not finalized.  The CoA, through an iterative process, will be reviewing and revising the submitted competencies and solicit public comment in 2019. An implementation date for the specialty specific competencies will depend upon response to public comment. The description of the process used for development of the submitted competencies by each specialty is also found in this section.

The draft of IR C-9 Postdoctoral Residency Competencies was posted for public comment by CoA in November, 2019. The draft of IR C-9 P can be accessed  on the CoA website ( The public comment period closed on February 4, 2020.  Comments were provided by several specialties that addressed concerns about the rework of the Level 3 speciality competencies by the CoA.  The CoS also provided comments because the  draft of IR-C-9 competencies offered for public comment raised some concerns for us that were addressed. (See CoS Comments IR C-P)

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