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Formal Specialty Definition: 

Geropsychology is a specialty in professional psychology that applies the knowledge and methods of psychology to understanding and helping older persons and their families to maintain well-being, overcome problems and achieve maximum potential during later life. Geropsychology appreciates the wide diversity among older adults, the complex ethical issues that can arise in geriatric practice and the importance of interdisciplinary models of care.

Overview of Organization and Goals:

Gerospychology Specialty Presentation 2022


Geropsychology Specialty Council


Specialty Board Certification:

Board certification is available in Geropsychology through the American Board of Geropsychology, a specialty board of the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP).


Sources of Specialty Recognition:


  1. American Psychological Association/CRSPPP

  2. American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP)


Geropsychology Specialty Council Membership:


The former synarchy is entitled the "Geropsychology Specialty Council" and includes the following member organizations:


  • American Board of Geropsychology

  • American Psychological Association, Division 20: Adult Development and Aging

  • American Psychological Association, Division 12, Section 2: Society of Clinical Geropsychology (SCG)

  • Council of Professional Geropsychology Training Programs (CoPGTP)

  • Psychologists in Long Term Care (PLTC)

  • American Psychological Association Committee on Aging (CONA)


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Education and Training Guidelines:




Michelle Mlinac, PsyD, ABPP



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