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Summit 4.0 Interorganizational Summit on Specialty, Specialization, and Board Certification

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

The next Summit will be held at APA Building, Washington DC, June 15 & 16, 2019. The Summit is co-sponsored by CoS, American Board of Professional Psychology, and the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards. The APA Education Directorate is also providing substantial support for the Summit.

The Summit will specifically address the steps that need to be taken for professional/ health service psychology to adopt the uniform terminology of the Education and Training taxonomy to describe specialty training.

• What are the constraints to the use of the taxonomy?

• Does the taxonomy need revision/update to make it more user-friendly?

• What needs to be done to implement the use of the by training programs at all phases of psychology training?

• What is the sequence of steps necessary to make the development of the taxonomy happen across professional psychology?

• Indeed, what timelines need to be adopted so that this goal can be accomplished in an efficient and reasonable time-frame?

The taxonomy initiative is an important step toward ensuring psychologists know what training is required for specialization, and ultimately for increasing the number of specialty trained, licensed, and board certified specialists.

Here are other area/questions related to specialty and specialization that will be addressed.

• How do we transform training so that students understand specialization as an expectation?

• How do we move organizations and systems toward incentivizing specialists for their unique contributions?

• How do we enhance diversity among specialists?

• How do we convey to the public the importance of specialization and accessing a specialist?

• When does practice by or referral to a generalist need to give way to practice by or referral to a specialist?

• How do we conduct research to evaluate and hopefully show that specialization improves evidence-based practice?

• How do we convey that specialization is important for licensed psychologists as well as for the profession?

As plans for Summit are finalized updates will be provided including the roster of attendees and final agenda for Summit 4.0. The summary of the outcomes of previous Summits is also archived in this section of the website.


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