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Presidential Message, 2022

Presidential Message, July 10, 2022

As the 2022 Council of Specialties of Professional Psychology (CoS) President, I am pleased to share my primary goals over the next year. First, I will carry on the Education and Training Taxonomy Initiative started by CoS Past President, Karen Farrell. I am happy to report that over half of the specialty councils have completed their taxonomies, and the remaining specialty councils are well on their way to completion.

In conjunction with completing the Taxonomy Initiative, another major initiative is to strategize about how to promote specialty training/practice and ultimately board certification. Toward this goal, I will ask each CoS Member Specialty to provide a brief overview of membership groups that comprise your council, current goals/projects of your council, successes and challenges/barriers faced by your specialty, and strategies used to promote your specialty. It is expected that engaging in collaborative discussions about the experiences of CoS Member Specialties will result in identification of strategies that can be implemented across specialties to develop and promote specialty training and practice.

Robin C. Hilsabeck, Ph.D., ABPP


Council of Specialties in Professional Psychology


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