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Presidential Message, 2023


As the incoming president of the Council of Specialties, I would like to thank our previous president Robin Hilsabek for here stewardship and the excellent service that she has provided to CoS in 2022. I look forward to continue to work with her in this coming year. Also, kudos to our past-president, Karen Farrell, for her tireless work. Finally, I note that in addition to Robin, the CoS 2023 Executive Council is now composed of our president-elect, Carlen Henington; esteemed treasurer, Michele Rusin; and diligent secretary, Danielle Rynczak.

I plan to promote the two main objectives that Dr. Hilsabek developed. We will push forward with the dissemination of the specialty taxonomies to make more transparent and consistent the education and training needed to be provided by training programs for those students who want to become specialists. In this regard I want to especially thank Drs. Cox, Sperling, Minniti, and Grus for their innovative work on the Taxonomy Consulting group and the development of the Taxonomy Tool. I also plan to continue to request that specialties present on how their councils are organized to learn from each other the unique strategies each specialty uses to draw specialists into their fields.

I hope to make good progress on these two initiatives by working with the CoS Executive Council and all the specialty councils in achieving these goals.

Victor Molinari, PhD, ABPP


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