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Successful Summit 4 held June 15 & 16, in Washington DC

Summit 4.0 , the Interorganizational Summit on Specialty, Specialization, and Board Certification convened in the 6th floor Boardroom at the APA Building in Washington DC on June 15, 2016. This summit built upon the work of three previous Summits whose outcomes are summarized elsewhere in this section of the CoS website. There were 28 attendees representing 21 different stakeholder organizations. Fourteen of the representatives had been at one or more of the previously held Interorganizational summits. The attendees represented a wide-spectrum of education, training, and practice organizations in both the US and Canada.A roster of the Summit 4.0 attendees and their brief bios is posted in the Summit archives section of the website. There is also a copy of the final agenda in that section as well..

The principal goals of Summit 4.0 were: 1) to determine next steps and implementation plan to facilitate the adoption of the Education and Training Taxonomy across all levels of psychology training and 2) to prioritize next steps to promote education and training regarding specialty and specialization and to increase awareness and recognition of specialty, specialization, and board certification by the public, institutions, and regulatory groups. The summit agenda included a thorough review of the E & T taxonomy, presentation of survey data gleaned from attendees on both the topic of the E & T and specialization, and group discussion/brainstorming. The second day of the summit was devoted to outlining a stakeholder engagement process applicable to the goals of the summit and an action plan. In short, the Summit concluded with agreement to focus implementation/action plans specifically toward two goals: 1) Increase adoption of the E&T Taxonomy in training programs, and 2) Increase use of specialist terminology along the career continuum (from high school through current psychologists).

This site will be updated with more specific details including an executive summary of the meeting. Expect also to see specifics on the action plans and the persons and organizations responsible for taking the lead for implementing summit action plans.


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