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New Years Eve 2019

This is my final President's message posted on the eve before the new decade. (Some debate, of course, as to whether the new decade actually begins 2021 rather than 2020) It has been a privilege to serve as CoS President. The CoS serves an important role in bringing all of the specialties in professional psychology to a common "table." I would like to highlight some CoS accomplishments over the past four years.

CoS took the lead in coordinating the submission of postdoctoral specialty competencies for recognized postdoc areas of practice for the APA- Commission on Accreditation to use. These are now out for public comment from the CoA. There have been four Interorganizational Summits which have brought together stakeholders in professional psychology, health service psychology, education and training, and board certification. (See Summits banner on CoS website for summaries of the four Summits.) There is still much to be done to bring to fruition the recommendations that emerged from the last Summit. That work is ongoing and progress will be posted on the CoS website. Look for an update in the next couple of months.

Dr. Karen Farrell will be the President of CoS starting tomorrow. Good luck and best wishes for much success as she guides CoS into the next decade.

Happy New Year!

Rick Seime

CoS President 2016-2019


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